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Approved and Certified by all of the market leading material manufacturers, tried, tested and trusted by all of the major asset owners and operators.

Barrier Fire Protection have been successfully engaged by clients providing solutions and passive fire protection services.

Passive Fire Protection products initially developed for the burgeoning offshore fabrication market during the 1980’s have evolved for use into fabrication and construction projects wherever there has been a demand for asset protection for hydrocarbon fire scenarios. This technology was further adapted for other likewise civil construction markets requiring asset protection for cellulosic fire scenarios.

Epoxy intumescent coatings, subliming intumescent coatings, cementitious, vermiculite, shotcrete, gunnite, removable panel systems for structures, enclosures for ESDV, pipework flanges and jacketing systems, pre-cast and moulded components, syntactic insulation, cryogenic spill protection and thermal insulation, penetration seals. All successfully delivered by Barrier Fire Protection to some of the highest compliance standards developed, Lloyds Register, Det Norske Veritas, International Maritime Organisation, Factory Mutual, Underwriters Laboratory, Loss Prevention Council amongst many additional client specifications and Global Standards.

Barrier Fire Protection have been active as an application contractor since the inception of these PFP products, throughout the UK, EU, and worldwide territories. We have supported clients and assets through the lifetime of the facility, some even through to the decommissioning phase 30+ years later

Our Services

Flexible Jet-Fire Protection jackets to ESD valves, actuators, control panels, pipe flanges & equipment

Syntactic insulation coatings

Combined passive fire protection, thermal insulation , cryogenic insulation and CSP cold spill protection solutions

Penetration fire seals

Shotcrete, concrete, grouting, concrete slab expansion jointing


Quality. Safety. Environmental.

Barrier has it covered.

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