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Who we are

Based at Wallsend, Tyne & Wear, United Kingdom since 1975, Barrier Ltd were established and became prevalent in the offshore fabrication sector providing abrasive blasting, corrosion protection and industrial painting services.

As passive fire protection technology developed and oil & gas facility owners and operators raised their PFP standards, a natural business progression was identified during the 1980’s. Barrier Fire Protection was formed as a division of the company, to provide with synergy the specialist coatings and passive fire protection capability to the high standards demanded by the industrial majors of the day.

Barrier Fire Protection has been safeguarding customers’ assets for over 35 years , utilising market leading passive fire protection products, and have been a global applicator of epoxy intumescent & subliming materials since the inception of the technology, originally developed for the NASA space programme and subsequently applied to offshore platforms and petrochemical facilities.

What we do

Barrier Fire Protection installs and applies products and systems which have been developed to protect assets in the event of a catastrophic event such as a blast and subsequent hydrocarbon pool fire or hydrocarbon jet-fire, or cellulosic fire scenario Our application teams apply or install passive fire protection products which prevent structures reaching their critical core temperature (CTC) for a pre-determined period. These products are designed to remain effective over time and in some of the planet’s most hostile environments.

Customers choose Barrier Fire Protection because it is a specialist. Other companies in our sector have diversified or been absorbed by acquisition and skills have been lost , dissolved and diluted. Barrier Fire Protection by contrast, remains privately owned and focused entirely on passive fire protection.

Why Choose us?

Barrier Fire Protection is an innovator. We have designed, manufactured and installed bespoke fire protection pre-cast components for prestige construction projects . We have designed and built bespoke application equipment, allowing a fully mobile operation for our specialist application machines and associated equipment, allowing us to develop and perfect application techniques to the benfit of our clients due to increased productivity and reduced material consumption, saving costs and overall applied material weight.

As one of the pioneers of passive fire protection, the company has decades of experience in providing solutions for its customers. Members of its team – project managers, technicians and application crews – are amongst the most experienced professionals in the industry.

Barrier Fire Protection can truly claim that products installed by the company have performed and exceeded the actual life span of the asset. Offshore decommissioning companies – who are dismantling redundant offshore platforms and rigs – are approaching the company to ask how to remove the fireproofing coating originally installed by ourselves, which has remained intact despite years of exposure in the hostile offshore and North Sea environments.

Barrier Fire Protection meet the rigorous standards of compliance required in all of fields of operation. These include ISO9001 2015, OHSA18001, ISO14001, SCC-P, VCA-P amongst our principal accreditations.

Quality Assurance


Barrier Fire Protection has been associated with the oil & gas industry for over 40 years, and is conversant with the exacting standards of the industry. The company is registered to BS EN ISO 9001 2015. The company Quality Philosophy is readily available while the full scope of Quality Plans and Procedures are developed for specific projects.


Barrier Fire Protection Ltd maintains a Health, Safety and Environmental Policy to ensure, as far as practicable, the health and safety of persons involved in the work carried out by the Company and to prevent damage to property in accordance with the guidelines laid down by the “Health and Safety at Work Act 1974” and other relevant legislation.

The company operates a Health and Safety Management System is in accordance with BS OH SAS 18001 accreditation, as well as our European Health and Safety Management System in accordance with our VCA/SCC - Petroleum accreditation.
The company is actively reviewing the IS045001 requirements in advance of an implementation process.


Barrier Fire Protection has a positive record for working in an environmentally friendly way. The company works within all existing UK and European legislation. It also complies with any additional requirements of its clients outside of these regions.

Application of passive fire protection products requires us by law to control our solvent use, waste products, packaging and preventing environmental impact.
The company operates an Environmental Management System in accordance with our ISO 14001 accreditation.


Barrier Fire Protection carries out contracts across a wide range of regions and construction projects. Our operatives have a comprehensive portfolio of training to allow us to work in environments such as offshore, marine, petro-chem, nuclear, civil construction, BOSIET, CCNSG, VCA, SCC, GOW, CSCS, NVQ, NG, EMSS and many others.

Product application training is at the core of the companies skills and expertise, specific training schools in conjunction with the material manufacturers are a regular occurrence at our Wallsend UK facility.

Clients we've worked with and trust us

Our People

David Shaw

Managing Director

David Shaw is the Managing Director of Barrier Fire Protection and has been with the company for over 30 years. Main responsibilities include overseeing the company's operation, providing guidance and direction within the company and engaging with our client and company workforce.

David Alderson

Group Finance Director

David Alderson has been with the company for ten years and is the Group Accountant. He deals with financial reporting, accounting and ensuring compliance with legal obligations.

Anthony Spoors

Operations Director

Anthony Spoors is the Operations Director at Barrier Fire Protection. He has been with the company for 15 years and is responsible for delivering projects to specification.

Barrier Fire Protection are proud of it's people. We have a team of specialists that help us deliver the best results in our field.

If you have any queries about any of our services then click the link below to speak to a member of our team.

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