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We are Europe’s leading installer of epoxy products, protecting assets with intumescent fire proofing methods and epoxy coatings for offshore, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, nuclear, marine and civil construction sectors.

What are intumescent and subliming coatings?

Intumescent and subliming coatings are the principal systems used in passive fire protection for structural steelwork. These materials react and intumesce (swell up) when exposed to heat which creates an insulated char layer.

Epoxy products we work with

We are Europe’s leading installer of epoxy products such as Chartek, Pittchar, Firetex, Jotachar, and Carboline Thermo Lag Series and Pyroclad X1. The company ensures all of its supervisors, operators and technicians are trained, competent and approved before being allowed to use any of these materials.

We have worked with the earliest versions of epoxy products – when they were first used to protect offshore structures – and continues to apply them on behalf of a range of customers. Barrier Fire Protection also provides technical support for manufacturers as they develop and test new systems.

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Why Use Barrier Fire Protection

Working to comprehensive certification standards

We are committed to achieving the most comprehensive certification standards for our clients.

Global Safety

We work to a range of strict rules and have one Golden Rule: If work conditions have become unsafe you must stop work immediately.

Rapid quotation times

We ensure all our clients and potential customer receive a rapid quatation time for any of their queries.

Competitively priced

We deliver a quality and compliant service for a very competitive price.

Quality design

All of our products are designed by leading engineers with a vast amount of experience. All products are designed and manufactured in the UK.

Conformity and compliance guaranteed

All our work conforms and complies with the strict regulations that mean you receive the best from Barrier Fire Protection.

Our Services

Flexible Jet-Fire Protection jackets to ESD valves, actuators, control panels, pipe flanges & equipment

Syntactic insulation coatings

Combined passive fire protection, thermal insulation , cryogenic insulation and CSP cold spill protection solutions

Penetration fire seals

Shotcrete, concrete, grouting, concrete slab expansion jointing

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